The One With The Rumor

The boy held back for a while. “I knew you didn’t have it in you, Chris! You are afraid of the ghost lady, aren’t you?! Oh, how the mighty have fallen!” “Zip it, Dehlia! I’d like to know what you would do if you d see her right in front of you. Sure, you are…

PaperCut #NaNoWriMo19

Excerpt from my NaNoWriMo Project “I know why you are here, Diane. Because you are special. Although, I can smell you fear and the agony you are trying to hide under that tight smile. Maybe you should start running; that way, we can begin our little game. Now Go!”

Exploring my author central page as a marketing tool

So you have made it through the 10th revision of your manuscript, and it is finally going live on Amazon. Your hands are sweaty, you are feeling a bit feverish, and I know why – you have probably sent a few arcs on your team, and now you are waiting to receive your first feedback….


Late at night, strange faces come to me , demanding that i have their stories told~ they never leave until i do so …