The catch !

A woman that doesn’t know her worth, is the perfect catch for a man with low self – esteem…

A spiritual rose

On 11th of June we honor the memory of St. Luke of Simferopol (Crimea) ,a saint of our time and a doctor who performed the first organ transplant which was kept as a secret because of his Christian faith.“The rose does not speak, but puts forth a strong fragrance. We too, should put forth fragrance, pour…

Narcizo ~

what speaks to our conscience and can’t be explained, we resent …

Addicted … {microfiction}

Wherever you run that’s where you will be when you are addicted to running away… Quotes by Elysian Nooks

Imaginary battlefields

Sciamachy : an argument or conflict with an imaginary opponent, a battle against imaginary enemies; fighting your own shadow .

Writing – Character Development

Writing memorable characters will help your audience identify with them. Pantsers or not, we still have to think of our readers and how they view our main characters. When we talk about character development, we refer to the changes that our hero goes through during his journey and how the battles help him/her grow and…

opium + mirror

Opposites attract but souls that resemble, tend to heal each other… quotes by elysιαn nookσ

Tendency ~ a poem about God’s love

Healing often requires feeling and surrendering to pain, while you are simply asking for relief. You need to locate the center of gravity; a point of reference, a point of balance. A mark. One in the heart. One in the head – and one in the eyes … If you have tried too many times…

Conversations overheard

God has removed certain people from your life for a reason. He Knows things about them that you don’t. Don’t block your blessings by going back to them. Focus on the new chapter of your life!

No voice is too small

Even though she had been betrayed too many times, Danae kept on moving. She never forgot those who left her hanging over a cliff, but it was in her nature to keep going, more than she could ever imagine.

Author networking tips

Aligning you blog’s feed with your GoodRead’s profile and the Amazon Author Central page, can help you engage with bloggers and readers. Whether you are an author or you enjoy writing from time to time , you might feel the need to share your thoughts on a self hosted page, or even create background stories…