Cooking for one of my characters~ The Wildcard!

Inspired by my upcoming mystery novel #AuroraReborn… Maybe we don’t need another hero, but a little rebellion will sure spice things up! Are you tired of the same old winter recipes? Then you might want to get cozy and try the Wildcard beverage-a cup of hot chocolate with a twist! Who can resist one when…

You turn !

Hate is heavy ° letting it go feels like floating°°° After the ache, after the darkness ¬ turn! °°°


 I carry no burden ° you only exist in my memory ° you don’t own me °°° I’m letting you go and taking back my power °°° I’m being reborn, and just like a ray of light coming through, facing my own truth is setting me free

@Discount #microfiction

Don’t lower yourself to make others feel better ° chances are they will never appreciate it °°°

Heart strings part 2*

Lying is like stealing ° You may cover it up but the truth will still supress your soul …

It’s oh! so quiet …

It’s oh! so quiet if you don’t ask for retaliation or justice, when someone has done you wrong ° instead you seek God’s Love and pray for Him to give your life many blessings, always according to His will and in the name of His Glory ..

Fallen idols

Today we have idolized sin so much that we have become atheists and we are proud of it because it’s cool. There is nothing cool about losing your soul. This life is only a short passage, a test that is meant to be a testimony. Don’t get caught up in this act, because all of…

Standing tall

You don’t have to explain how you respond to their behavior. Not everyone deserves to know your story… 

A taste of absence

Any man can become a poet. All it takes is the taste of her absence. But a woman can only write poetry in his presence Κάθε άντρας μπορεί να γίνει ποιητής. Αρκεί η γεύση από την απουσία της. Κάθε γυναίκα ; μονάχα παρουσία Του …

prophecy …#microfiction

The princess promised that she would put her sword down, the year before she would enter the kingdom, fulfilling the prophecy of the ancient times

No burden

Do not be ashamed of your kind heart, it means you carry no burden …

Eclectic choices

Sometimes it’s not about having the last word, sometimes it’s all about having peace…

Way back into the Light

Nomatter how much darkness you are facing, remember that God Is Light and that light always finds a way through the cracks…

Two boats for one master

You can’t serve two masters at the same time, God and money. It’s like standing with one feet in one boat and the other in another one. You will eventually drown …

The catch !

A woman that doesn’t know her worth, is the perfect catch for a man with low self – esteem…

Narcizo ~

what speaks to our conscience and can’t be explained, we resent …

Addicted … {microfiction}

Wherever you run that’s where you will be when you are addicted to running away… Quotes by Elysian Nooks

opium + mirror

Opposites attract but souls that resemble, tend to heal each other… quotes by elysιαn nookσ

Conversations overheard

God has removed certain people from your life for a reason. He Knows things about them that you don’t. Don’t block your blessings by going back to them. Focus on the new chapter of your life!

Rose,always rising … *

Just leave your pain behind and come with me °°° I’ve been expecting you, Her Love said to her…


   Do not be afraid of the pain , it is a veil that separates you from your authentic self. What you are looking for , is temporary relief – while a cure requires further examination… Elysian

Sempre Viva

What is “Sempre Viva” and what it stands for. It is a genus of flowering plants that has Italian Origin and literally means  “always / forever alive” . A good friend once gifted to me , when i was going through a period of self doubt. After I held it in my hands, I turned…

tangled up? tango on.

Hard times are the steps that will lead to your purpose. “If you are tangled up, just tango on.” -Scent of a Woman , movie.

The Quest

When the hero’s journey is overhe stops slaying dragons along his pathand focuses on the beauty of his sight Image by Michael Seibt from Pixabay

Imaginary battlefields

Sciamachy : an argument or conflict with an imaginary opponent, a battle against imaginary enemies; fighting your own shadow .

Hidden forces {microfiction}

Sometimes you can find the truth hiding in something that seems irrational to the rest of the world… {Στο παράλογο κάθεται κρυμμένη η αλήθεια …} Quotes by Elysian Nooks