Visions of Countess-Bathory-Elizabeth

A lovely day to roll the dice and crucify the chosen’s legs. A countess is contemplating a prophecy from her tower. Image by Дмитрий Переяслов from Pixabay


   Do not be afraid of the pain , it is a veil that separates you from your authentic self. What you are looking for , is temporary relief – while a cure requires further examination… Elysian

The Monk and The Thorn

Once upon a time, not too long ago, two time -travelers met, just as their masters had agreed on. It was the middle of the Moroccan desert,people gathered around a small tent, looking for a safe place to spend the night and protect themselves from the sirocco, a hot and dry wind.One of them, Boreas,…


Embrace your inner darkness, and break on through to  your other side …

Sempre Viva

What is “Sempre Viva” and what it stands for. It is a genus of flowering plants that has Italian Origin and literally means  “always / forever alive” . A good friend once gifted to me , when i was going through a period of self doubt. After i held it in my hands, i turned…

A Re- Arrangement of Fate

Every word that I am going to type will only imply how much of a beautiful soul, you were, and that is, a rearrangement of fate…

tangled up? tango on.

Hard times are the steps that will lead to your purpose. “If you are tangled up, just tango on.” -Scent of a Woman , movie.

The Quest

When the hero’s journey is overhe stops slaying dragons along his pathand focuses on the beauty of his sight Image by Michael Seibt from Pixabay