My top Free Outlets ~ The Creative Author

If you are an indie author like me, you will most likely find yourself multitasking. Being a crafty artist requires having access to a variety of resources and tools. Here are my personal favorites! Free formatting tools Royalty Free Images Editing Video apps ( mini book…

No voice is too small

Even though she had been betrayed too many times, Danae kept moving. She never forgot those who left her hanging over a cliff, but it was in her nature to keep going, more than she could ever imagine.

PaperCut #NaNoWriMo19

Excerpt from my NaNoWriMo Project “I know why you are here, Diane. Because you are special. Although, I can smell you fear and the agony you are trying to hide under that tight smile. Maybe you should start running; that way, we can begin our little game. Now Go!”

Author tips

Aligning you blog’s feed with your GoodRead’s profile and the Amazon Author Central page, can help you engage with bloggers and readers. Whether you are an author or you enjoy writing from time to time , you might feel the need to share your thoughts on a self hosted page, or even create background stories…

Princess Varia #fantasytales

“Our time is running out, Princess Varia! They will notice!” “Let them come for me, I’m ready. I will not go back to the forest. My fate is among humans!”