Ethical Self Publishing Services

Being a new indie author, usually means you will have to take care by yourself of all of the self-publishing steps. It can be quite intimidating and there are lots of dangers to be aware of. From copyright laws to finding the right editor that will not take advantage of you, to ethical publishing, the…

heart strings*

when you suppress your soul it will  eventually invade your mind *~

Oscar Hahn ~Chilean Poet

I write because of a ghost , because of yesterday, because of today, because I don’t know, because of love, because of the night…. Γράφω επειδή το φάντασμα, επειδή χτες, επειδή σήμερα, επειδή δεν ξέρω, επειδή ο έρωτας , επειδή η νύχτα. (Oscar Hahn, Χιλιανός ποιητής)