Sempre Viva

What is “Sempre Viva” and what it stands for. It is a genus of flowering plants that has Italian Origin and literally means  “always / forever alive” . A good friend once gifted to me , when i was going through a period of self doubt. After i held it in my hands, i turned…

The story of the Scorpion and the Swan

There was a Swan at the edge of a river and a scorpion approached asking the swan if she would kindly give him a ride to the other side of the river on her back. The swan said “no, you are a scorpion, you will sting me and I will die.” The scorpion assured the…

Milk Fever by Lisa Reece Lane

Book Review A really wonderful , fast paced read.  Even when sensitive topics come up, such as death , loss of loved ones and how to cope with it,  the author does not focus on the darkness of it, but dares the reader to examine such issues. Beautifully written dialogue and well developed characters ,…

quotes to live by

“I want to happen to my life. I don’t want my life to happen to me.” Luke Perry

A Re- Arrangement of Fate

Every word that I am going to type will only imply how much of a beautiful soul, you were, and that is, a rearrangement of fate…

tangled up? tango on.

Hard times are the steps that will lead to your purpose. “If you are tangled up, just tango on.” -Scent of a Woman , movie.


What is left behind , should stay in the past_Otherwise it distorts the vision , the sight …

The Game movie

    Have fun ,  Enjoy your Fears , Change the GAME ….

heart strings*

when you suppress your soul it will  eventually invade your mind *~

The Quest

When the hero’s journey is overhe stops slaying dragons along his pathand focuses on the beauty of his sight Image by Michael Seibt from Pixabay

Art Factory

Creativity is how you navigate through difficult situationswithout losing sight of your initial goal or your dream.It is about being true to your self while staying the course.