How time management can help you achieve your goals.

Time management and micromanagement are critical when you are multitasking and lacking time. You need to treat time as a currency you can never take back if you spend it carelessly. You can profit a great deal from micromanagement if you understand how to master it.Having poor time management skills can lead to burnout –…

This year, take the challenge

Surviving the Holidays, because 2021 is going to be the year of YOU! Christmas time can be challenging, especially if you are a dreamer. In which case, you are going to face criticism over your choices instead of support. A visionary is a threat because of evoking questions that no one wants to answer. But…


Now that vacation season is over, we all wonder what our next move is going to be regarding careers, fitness, and well-being. You don’t have to wait until New Year’s Eve to reinvent yourself; a fresh start is just around the corner. Reinventing yourself is not that easy, though; it means stepping out of your…

Oh, Holy Mother

I never knew Love until I finally surrendered in Your arms… In You, my wandering and wounded heart has finally found a home…

The Calling

In the end, it only matters if you have led your life’s calling with an open heart, and you handled your tough times gracefully


Everything you crave for is already here, Just fill in the blanks …

tangled up? tango on.

Hard times are the steps that will lead to your purpose. “If you are tangled up, just tango on.” -Scent of a Woman , movie.

The Game movie

    Have fun ,  Enjoy your Fears , Change the GAME ….

Art Factory

Creativity is how you navigate through difficult situationswithout losing sight of your initial goal or your dream.It is about being true to your self while staying the course.