The Calling

In the end, it only matters if you have led your life’s calling with an open heart, and you handled your tough times gracefully 

The Quest

when the journey is overyou can stop slaying dragons along your pathand focus on the view Image by Michael Seibt from Pixabay

The story of the Scorpion and the Swan

There was a Swan at the edge of a river and a scorpion approached asking the swan if she would kindly give him a ride to the other side of the river on her back. The swan said “no, you are a scorpion, you will sting me and I will die.” The scorpion assured the…

Visions of Countess-Bathory-Elizabeth

A lovely day to roll the dice and crucify the chosen’s legs. A countess is contemplating a prophecy from her tower. Image by Дмитрий Переяслов from Pixabay

No voice is too small

Even though she had been betrayed too many times, Danae kept moving. She never forgot those who left her hanging over a cliff, but it was in her nature to keep going, more than she could ever imagine.

The One With The Rumor

The boy held back for a while. “I knew you didn’t have it in you, Chris! You are afraid of the ghost lady, aren’t you?! Oh, how the mighty have fallen!” “Zip it, Dehlia! I’d like to know what you would do if you d see her right in front of you. Sure, you are…

PaperCut #NaNoWriMo19

Excerpt from my NaNoWriMo Project “I know why you are here, Diane. Because you are special. Although, I can smell you fear and the agony you are trying to hide under that tight smile. Maybe you should start running; that way, we can begin our little game. Now Go!”

The Monk and The Thorn

Once upon a time, not too long ago, two time -travelers met, exactly as their masters had agreed on. It was the middle of the Moroccan desert, and people gathered around a small tent, looking for a safe place to spend the night and protect themselves from the sirocco, a very hot and dry wind….

Princess Varia #fantasytales

“Our time is running out, Princess Varia! They will notice!” “Let them come for me, I’m ready. I will not go back to the forest. My fate is among humans!”


Embrace your inner darkness, and break on through to  your other side …

A Re- Arrangement of Fate

Every word that I am going to type will only imply how much of a beautiful soul, you were, and that is, a rearrangement of fate…

flight attempt

No one has ever hated the one who dominates him. Only the ones who dared, unlike him, to dream and claim their freedom…