Trust God to lead the way…

Good things can come out in every bad situation, intention is the driving force. After all, we enter this world through pain and blood °°°¶

Love your muchness!

Your muchness will only be a bonus for the right person, your perfect fit °°°

Aurorα Rεborn #AuroraReborn

Thank You, God, for allowing Mrs. A to reach the no 15 spot of free kindle store, in teens and young adults, values, and virtues category! Blessed Be You, our beautiful King of kings, sweet Jesus Christ who strengthens our poor souls! I am grateful for your presence in every step of my life! #MagnifyGod Buy…

You turn !

Hate is heavy ° letting it go feels like floating°°° After the ache, after the darkness ¬ turn! °°°

Tendency ~ a poem about God’s love

Healing often requires feeling and surrendering to pain, while you are simply asking for relief. You need to locate the center of gravity; a point of reference, a point of balance. A mark. One in the heart. One in the head – and one in the eyes … If you have tried too many times…

This wind that loiters~

by Odysseus-Elytis This wind that loiters among the quinces This insect that sucks the vines This stone that the scorpion wears next to his skin And these sheaves on the threshing floor That play the giant to small barefoot children. The images of the Resurrection On walls that the pine trees scratched with their fingers…

Poem by Odysseas Elytis

THEY CAMEdressed up as  “friends,”    came countless times, my enemies,trampling the primeval soil.    And the soil never blended with their heel.They brought    The Wise One, the Founder, and the Geometer,Bibles of letters and numbers,    every kind of  Submission and Power,to sway over the primeval light.    And the light never blended with their roof.Not even a bee was…

heart strings*

when you suppress your soul it will  eventually invade your mind *~

Hidden forces {microfiction}

Sometimes you can find the truth hiding in something that seems irrational to the rest of the world… {Στο παράλογο κάθεται κρυμμένη η αλήθεια …} Quotes by Elysian Nooks

Oscar Hahn ~Chilean Poet

I write because of a ghost , because of yesterday, because of today, because I don’t know, because of love, because of the night…. Γράφω επειδή το φάντασμα, επειδή χτες, επειδή σήμερα, επειδή δεν ξέρω, επειδή ο έρωτας , επειδή η νύχτα. (Oscar Hahn, Χιλιανός ποιητής)