Simply gaze into the Light…

About 2000 years after the Birth of the Messiah and Savior of the world, few things have changed. If Christ were born today, as then, few people would be impressed. That is why His coming was not revealed to the typical Pharisees, nor to the Scribes, but to the simple and humble shepherds with a pure heart, ready to receive the King of Creation.

The whole message of the Nativity of Christ is summarized in the following words:

Humility, love, sacrifice.

Wherever we look, in the story of His Nativity and in the remaining 33 years of His life, culminating in His death on the cross, we will see the theme of humility repeated. The Word-God,  became man to renew us, He descended the stairs of heaven to exalt the fallen human flesh, that lived outside the gates of paradise, mourning its fall.

He who created the creation with one thought, had nowhere to turn, from the day He came into the world and all the inns were full, to His great Sacrifice on the Cross, when He was abandoned by almost all His disciples, in spite of the wonderful signs who had lived with Him. Through humility, obedience, and ultimately love for His Father, He overcame death, deceived Hades, and became a practical model of struggle and a safe path to victory for all of us.

It could not be any different than humble for His Holy Mother, the Most Holy Theotokos. 15 years old, having Jesus in Her womb, she covered 145 kilometers in order to meet Elizabeth, without making any complaint, having full confidence in the plan and will of God. Always putting Her will in second or even non-existent fate, She erased the debts of the disobedience of the protoplasts.

They both denied themselves in order to secure the will of Heavenly Father. They became a model of humility and showed perfect love, which involves sacrifice and leads to the liberation of man from the necrosis of sin.

Christ Is freedom and love, and He could not make the salvation of our soul simpler and easier, as long as we turn our gaze to the Light …

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