My Jesus Loves me, Calls me His own!

My Jesus Is so sweet, when I talk to Him, a sweetness and a light of joy fills my soul and I just never wanna let go! Oh, how foolish I have been all this time, I was searching for the whole world instead of reaching out to You. And you have been kindly and patiently waiting for me, to come back to you, loving me even when I had turned my back on You, when it was me that needed you and should have reached my hand out! Your love for us is infinite, has no boundaries, it’s illogical and I only hope I will be able to show you how grateful I am for allowing me back into your endless source of Love! Thank You, Jesus! Please forgive me for all the times I didn’t know what I was doing and forgive my brothers too¬ for without you, we are blind leading the blind. Love, your child…

Words by #elysiannooks, pic reposted from 

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