The Fruits of the Holy Spirit

On June 21st we honor the Holy Spirit,  the third person of the Holy Trinity, almighty, just like The Father and The Son.

9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit 1 Cor 12:4-11

Distinguishing Spirits

The Holy Spirit rejoices and gives strength to all of God’s creatures – life to animals and soul to man, to enter a higher spiritual life and Is given to us by the grace of God, who wants to save us.
It enlightens our minds for us to join God’s Kingdom.
What are the fruits that the Holy Spirit bears, once it lives in us?
It gives us faith and strength. It is impossible to have true and living faith without its presence, for even the wisest and most intelligent man becomes blind in the absence of it.
On the contrary, it enlightens and fills with an unusual light and joy, an uneducated man that has a pure and loving heart.
This purified and warm light makes us able to experience the warmth of love and to understand the glory of His Works.
Nothing is impossible when we are filled with the Holy Spirit -we become strong, faithful, and renewed and we are capable of walking along with The Son of God.
It gives us the power to resist all earthly things and not be attached to the material world, by revealing its vanity and that every day we should prepare to join the True Life by His Side. This short life is only a passage and it is meant to be a test of our goodwill before Father showers us with the Gifts of Eternal Life.

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