10 low cost and effective ways to promote your book

Promoting your book and marketing your brand name as an author, is something all indie authors have to do for themselves, and it can be challenging or time-consuming. You need to build a strategy before introducing your work to your readers, including a launch team that will help you get the word out there.
Here are some low cost and effective ways to advertise your book.

1.Update your blog and make sure your subscriptions and newsletters work. Alternatively, you can hire someone to create a website for you, where you can share your news with your readers.
2.Create a book trailer – image and sound are powerful tools that can captivate the essence of your book.
3.Consider running a GoodReads giveaway or
a social media giveaway via a popular bookstagram account.

4.Connect your Amazon Author Central profile and your GoodReads profile with your blog feed (see previous post here: https://wp.me/p7RKBD-ph )

5.Reviews are the best way to reward an author because they generate more sales. When you reach the gold standard of 50 reviews, Amazon’s algorithm will pick up and will automatically include your book in their newsletters. Before your book goes live, offer a free copy of your book (arc) in exchange for a review. You can create a book magnet for your beta readers on sites like book sprout or book funnel. They will safely deliver your arc and you won’t have to worry about plagiarism.
6.Reach out to top reviewers on sites like Amazon, who usually have their contact email in their profile. Write them an email, pitching your book, asking them if they would like to read your work. Make sure they are a fan of your books’ genre.
7.Approach other authors on social media and have a Q&A live, where readers will have the chance to get to know you. It’s a fun and easy way to create a bond with your audience, plus it will be easier to gain their appreciation, by being promoted by another author of the community.
8.Reach out to bloggers interested in writing book reviews and their target audience are readers and authors. Arrange a blog tour where you will have the opportunity to present your book or offer to write a guest post and get featured, which is a win-win situation. You can also join a podcast, introducing yourself to the publishing community, and create hype around your book.
9.Consider running a kindle countdown (max allowed is 5 days) and give your audience the chance to get a free copy of your book, generating your first reviews and allowing them to discover all your books. When you set your book for a free download on kindle, remember to list it on sites that promote free books such as freebooksy,bargainbooksy.com, inkitt.com,
kdpboards or frugal-freebies.com.
10.Join BookBub and let your audience know what you are reading and publish your recommendations so that they will get to know you better and start engaging with you.

I hope you will enjoy your creative journey!

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