Writing – Character Development

Writing memorable characters will help your audience identify with them. Pantsers or not, we still have to think of our readers and how they view our main characters.

When we talk about character development, we refer to the changes that our hero goes through during his journey and how the battles help him/her grow and develop.

So how do we achieve character development? Let’s break it down in simple steps.

1.Who is your character? Having strong characters with a detailed background story also helps your novel avoid plot holes since the main points are better connected.

2.Make them seem real. Do they have any hobbies or pets? Is there anything peculiar about them? What are the character’s traits and how do they serve the story. The same goes for his antagonist; these two have features and all kinds of aspects that you need to define because the reader can always tell if you know the backstory of your character, even if you don’t have to include it in your novel. You need to be able to describe them very well in physical appearance too.

3.Give them habits, interests, what or who do they care about? What makes them unique and unforgettable in a good and in a bad way?

4. What is their purpose? What are they thinking? Is their goal to overcome trauma? Does it rule them? Do they seek vengeance?
Do they fit the hero’s typical stereotype? And finally, do they evolve?

5.What is the external conflict that clashes with their internal battles? Does it keep them away from their goal, or do the outside circumstances push them even closer?

6.Make the protagonist diverse. You can’t write the good guy plain vanilla!
You need to spice things up! Put him/her in situations where he/she would have to question his/her main motives. Make them face their worst nightmares,
give them inner battles.

7.Are they relatable? Can the reader see themselves in the main character’s conflicts, can we sympathize with the protagonist?

I hope you found some useful tips; I will be posting more about creative writing!

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