Ethical Self Publishing Services

Being a new indie author, usually means you will have to take care by yourself of all of the self-publishing steps. It can be quite intimidating and there are lots of dangers to be aware of. From copyright laws to finding the right editor that will not take advantage of you, to ethical publishing, the alliance of independent authors has made it easier for new authors to avoid misleading services and questionable tactics through their self-publishing journey.

Watchdog Desk: Service Ratings & Reports

The alliance of independent authors service supports new authors by monitoring the self-publishing industry. Open to any author who seeks advice, it also provides a code of standards for ethical publishing but also a guidebook, a directory of approved services as well as services ratings.

The alliance of independent authors is open to fiction writers, non-fiction writers as well as poets. Being a full member of their organization has major benefits such as member-only discounts in the following services:

  • Printers
  • Designers
  • Editors
  • Proofreaders
  • PR and marketing
  • Rights managers 
  • Literary and publishing events

You also get Legal Advice about contracts or business advice and so much more. In addition to that, you gain access to their database and library, with lots of material and free resources to download. They also offer a monthly members Q&A, but you can always contact them via email and get help with your issue.

Most importantly, you get the sense of belonging to a supportive family that provides security and constant motivation in every self-publishing effort you make.

Stay safe and keep writing!

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