Top 5 Affiliate Programs for Book Bloggers

BookBlogging has become extremely popular during the last decade and for those who are dedicated to reading books and sharing their opinions, can be a source of a steady income. Either you are a book blogger, or you hold a bookstagram or Pinterest account, you can use a mixture of references to influence your audience.
Commission starts around 5% per book that is sold via Affiliate Links.
Here are the top five sites to work as Affiliate Programs Partner, especially for book lovers :

1)BookDespository has over 19 million book titles to choose from and offers a wide variety of book genres and most important, joining their affiliate program is free. You can also join their affiliate program via Awin or independently. Commission rates at 5%

2)BookShop has a commission that starts at 10% and it focuses on supporting indie brands and local bookstores. You can create book lists that readers can fully purchase for example books of the same genre or location.

3) standard commission rate is 4% but it can vary depending on your sales. Make sure NOT to list your affiliate links through Pinterest as this is forbidden by their new policy. You can still use other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Etsy also operates through the AWIN network.

4)Amazon UK and Amazon US.
Note you must make a specific amount of sales through Amazon links before they deactivate your Amazon Associates Account.
You can always reapply, but that means you are going to use new affiliate links since they have a strict policy on this.
Amazon US

5), with over 60,000 subscribers has an open Affiliate Partners Program to all Youtubers, Bookstagrammers, BookBloggers, and Influencers that cover book reviews.

More on book-related affiliate programs and what to avoid in more posts to follow!

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  1. Adira says:

    Thanks for this information! I recently made a list on the BookShop. However, I didn’t even think about getting an affiliate link for Etsy!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for stopping by , I’m glad I gave you new ideas to work with!


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