Taking your Bookstagram account to Pinterest, do’s and don’ts.

Are you an avid reader with a bookstagram account? Have you considered using Pinterest to maximize your Instagram page growth? Pinterest is not just another social media platform and has so much potential marketing-wise. Here are some tips you want to follow to minimize the risk of being categorized as spam and not have your account suspended :

  • Do not repin the same pin multiple times, instead enrich your content and work with new images.
  • If you are trying to revamp old pins, make sure your links are still working, create different images, and make some changes in your content’s description.
  • Donot post more than 10 to 30 times per day, it will lead the platform’s algorithm to mark you as spam.
  • Try to avoid bulk posting and space your posts throughout the day.
  • Do not steal other creator’s images and content.
  • Grow organically instead of using the follow for follow tactic. This will show that your fans enjoy and engage with your pins.
  • Avoid mass following and unfollowing, so that your account won’t get reported for suspicious activity.
  • Never post pins that lead to spam pages, it is the number one reason to get targeted and get your account permanently suspended.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing and use a few relatable hashtags, which you should include in your title’s description
  • If you are working with affiliate codes and promoting a book, make sure you always disclose it at the beginning of your pin.

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