Drive traffic to your Pinterest Bookstagram Page.

Following my previous post about the do’s and don’ts of taking your Bookstagram account to Pinterest (see here : ), here are some tips that will make you grow your audience on this platform.

1.Make sure you are using the right keywords:
To find what are the most profitable keywords regarding your post, without using a SEO tool, you can search for Pinterest trends and
Google trends. Also, try typing a topic on the Pinterest search bar and discover the highest ranking keywords. Another way to find the best keywords for your post is to use the ones that Pinterest advertisements suggest.
2.Use images that trigger emotion and help you define your brand. Also, use consistent colors that create your identity. Offer great content for your followers by writing clear posts that will help your audience have a strong connection with you and build a relationship with them.
3.What is your message, why will your followers remember your page and come back to search for more of your work? Be original and try to create content that will help your followers in some way.
4.What age and gender is your target audience?
What are the best hours to post regarding your content?
5.Do a little research about what is the best size for your images and fonts to match your pins and your topic.

Don’t forget to have fun creating and be authentic!

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