The Portrait, by Evelyn Chartres. Book Review.

“Better to be a rose if only to bloom for a reason,than a diamond eternally closed to the world.”
– favorite quote from the book.

Evelyn is a fictional character that Vicky looks up to,
and her fascination with her is an act of rebellion against her previous choices.

If Evelyn is displeased and takes pleasure at pointing flaws, what should Victoria do, to gain her creation’s approval? Would she be willing to take on a dare? Sophisticated writing and beautiful imagery, a must-read by a great author! Looking forward to reading her next work. Grab your copy!

About the author :

Evelyn Chartres is the nom de plume for a self-published Canadian author. The writer of three Gothic fantasy novels, Evelyn introduced the Portrait in 2016, the Grand in 2017 and the Van Helsing Paradox in 2018.

A fan of the phrase live to eat, Evelyn shares her recipes on Her recipes have a loose focus on French-Canadian cuisine, featuring deep-dish meat pies, seafood, and desserts rarely seen outside of La Belle Province.

Evelyn is currently living in Ottawa, Ontario and is busy laying the foundations for her next project

Connect with Evelyn Chartres on GoodReads :

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