This year, take the challenge

Surviving the Holidays, because 2021 is going to be the year of YOU!

Christmas time can be challenging, especially if you are a dreamer. In which case, you are going to face criticism over your choices instead of support.

A visionary is a threat because of evoking questions that no one wants to answer.

But you don’t need anyone’s approval to get that dream going, because we all do aspire different things.

Your goal could be losing weight or finally being able to break out of that toxic relationship. It can even mean changing your career path or generally do something that will require being authentic and honest with yourself because that is what sweet dreams are made of!

 It’s not easy breaking a pattern. For example, if you ever lose your wristwatch, you will find yourself checking in the same direction it was before, although you know it’s not there. That is a habit.

Have you ever wanted something so bad, it pushed you to get into the best shape of your life? To keep going even though you feel you have nothing left to give. And by shape, I don’t necessarily mean physical form.

It requires faith and devotion.

I’m talking about goals. Maybe you are already thinking about how to grant yourself the right to achieve the things you believe are out of reach.

What if you gave up the negative mindset for every month of 2021?

What if you de cluttered your life from the people that leave you drained?

 Take a step back and watch their true intentions coming forward.

Let’s say you drop that nasty habit that is keeping you from your dream job, that you leave that relationship that is always put you down, that you say goodbye to that toxic friend, who cannot be happy for you. What if you saved that amount of effort for your benefit? Instead, you start spending time with people who DO see you.

Taking care of your self will boost your confidence because every time you neglect this part, you are subconsciously sending the message that you are not worthy of self-care. Negativity and fear are not your natural state of your soul; they can be a habit, an addiction that will keep you far away from where you are meant to be. Rather than scattering your energy around, listen to your instinct. Pay attention. What direction are you going to walk that is helpful to your life’s purpose?

Be with people that make your soul peaceful, not that make you anxious.

 That will fill your cup with energy to pursue your goals.

Imagine the miracles that could happen. You are a miracle. You just lost your way home. Intention does not equal results; what are you focusing your energy on is where you are going to see results.

2021 could be the year of the best version of you.

I wish for you to expand, stretch your heart, stretch your mind and spirit, to test your limits

Take the challenge. Do what you have always postponed.


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