Now that vacation season is almost over, we all wonder what our next move is going to be regarding careers, fitness, and well-being. You don’t have to wait until New Year’s Eve to reinvent yourself; a fresh start is just around the corner. Reinventing yourself is not that easy, though; it means stepping out of your comfort zone, where is growth.

It takes some tough decisions; it means letting go of the old one and embracing the exciting, the unknown.

Sure, summer is fun, but fall is an opportunity for you to reset and set the goals you have always wanted to, but you believed they are out of reach. Remember that procrastination is only the symptom, and on the other side of the tunnel, there is no fear but joy!

Are you ready to start over?

Things you can do to reinvent yourself this autumn :

1)Get rid of toxic people. Many years ago,  I managed to lose over 80 pounds, and I never forgot the first thing I saw at my dietician’s office, was a big door sign asking to let toxic people out of our lives. You’d be surprised how much toxicity is disguised as weight.

2) Drop all the nasty habits that do not let you be the best version of you.

Join a gym class where you can learn Zumba or Tae Bo, expanding your horizon and meeting different types of people. Stretch your body- stretch your mind and your soul. Stretch your limits.

3)Reorganize your closet and toss whatever does not work for you, that you don’t like anymore or doesn’t fit you. Keep what represents your style.

4)Declutter your phone book or your cell phone contacts!

5) Make peace with whatever did not work for you till now and stop dwelling in the past.

6) Join a book club and accept a reading challenge.

7)Learn a new skill like a new language or coding.

You can try that online workshop that you have always wanted but hesitated.

8)Start your blog. Blogging can be a profitable side hustle if you are patient and persistent, and there are many successful niches to draw inspiration.

9) Suppose you have always wanted to be more independent, and you don’t like fixed office hours. In that case,  it’s time to join a course where you can learn how to monetize your social media, learn about affiliate marketing, and to build a trusted relationship with your audience before you start advertising products that you believe in and that you would typically use.

I wish that you take at least one of these steps, change your life, and fulfil your potential!

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