Melinoe’s Oath will be free on Kindle!

Melinoe’s Oath, a short story where paranormal meets historical fiction, will be free

from 27/08-31/08/2020 on the Kindle Store.

In ancient times, Melinoe was known as a moon goddess, the bringer of nightmares and madness.
Her traits were similar to Hecate and the Erinyes.
In this tale, Melinoe is a World War 2 survivor who develops psychic powers and awakens her clairvoyant ability to connect with magical realms.
After her husband’s death, she decides to monetize her gift to make a
, but that makes her days difficult in many ways.
Her paranormal visions will become her comfort and a survival guide.
But it all comes with a hefty price.
When her brother’s daughter moves in with her, things take a different turn, and Melinoe has another chance to clear out her name.
But what about her niece, Nikkita. Can she escape a fated romance?

Special thanks to for her beautiful cover!

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