Exploring my author central page as a marketing tool

So you have made it through the 10th revision of your manuscript, and it is finally going live on Amazon. Your hands are sweaty, you are feeling a bit feverish, and I know why – you have probably sent a few arcs on your team, and now you are waiting to receive your first feedback.
One of your social media friends tags you, informing you that he/she has just reviewed your book, and you are trying so hard not to pull a Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch moment- but guess what- your e-friend lives in Australia, Canada, or the UK. You start to curse the planets for not being aligned at that very moment. Are amazon.au/ca/uk reviews less critical than those on amazon.com?

While .com reviews can increase your visibility on the Amazon search engine, you can still do something creative with the reviews outside the US – after all, authors are all about imagination. How can you benefit from those reviews? Try and make the most of them by displaying them on your author central page in the editorial reviews section. You can refer the amazon.uk review link. Not only you will get to explore the author central’s page features, but it is also a great way to acknowledge the reader.
Have fun, indies!

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