The Creative Indie part 2

In a previous post I gave you my top free outlets for stunning photography for creative designs and more.

Let’s admit it, we all search for a beautiful pic to use as a header in our Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram !

Now, it’s time to get you some stunning fonts to match your cover.

You can add beautiful calligraphy with

Your cover has all the right moves !

Get your photography animated with one of these apps:

  • Pixamotion
  • Comica (gives your pic a comic book vibe )
  • Movepic
  • PixArt

Don’t forget to have fun !

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  1. Will check these out. I’m new to blogging and getting the right pictures is something I struggle with.

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    1. Hey! Getting good pics for your posts is really important. I hope my two posts will help and let me know if you have any questions. 😊

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  2. Some great tips here, love the suggestions you gave

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    1. Thank you, I try to share as much as possible!


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