How time management can help you achieve your goals.

Time management and micromanagement are critical when you are multitasking and lacking time. You need to treat time as a currency you can never take back if you spend it carelessly. You can profit a great deal from micromanagement if you understand how to master it.Having poor time management skills can lead to burnout – physical and emotional exhaustion and eventually will get harder to keep up with all your schedule.

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1.Arrange the most energy demanding assignments first so that when you take a break you’d already have the most important tasks accomplished.
avoid distractions use to-do lists so that you can keep track of your progress
2.Maintain a healthy lifestyle including taking a good night’s sleep that will boost your energy levels.
3.Do not feel bad about asking for help (outsourcing), if you realize you need some help to improve your skills. This will not only save you time but also help you keep a positive attitude throughout the day, by avoiding procrastination and mental fatigue (read my earlier post about procrastination being the symptom, not the root of the problem here :
4.Helping a good cause is something we should all strive for, but make sure you spent your time encouraging people that want to improve their lives, instead of hanging all their responsibilities on you.
5.Likewise, uncluttering your work environment will help you stay focused on brainstorming and being productive.
6.Set achievable goals and break them down into categories. Write down the essential qualifications you need to achieve them and make a timetable with your individual goals.

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