Ave Maria ,A blessing in disguise

A blessing in disguise

As you might have noticed, or not, {smiles},
I Stayed away from my social media accounts, and my blog has not been active for a while. I would like to apologize for disappearing without letting you know about it.
Without sharing too much info, I will sum it up as ‘life happens’! In the last three months, I have been patiently (most of the time!) waiting for my health to get better.
I certainly believed there is no such thing as a coincidence, but my latest health experiences have taken this to the next level. In the last couple of days, I have slowly starting to see some improvement, and I felt the urge to share this cosmic message with you.
I was a typical Christian that used to wear a small cross around my neck, did some good deeds, tried not to harm anyone, and I thought that’s all there is in matters of faith. I even read a few inspirational lines and posts that I stumbled upon on the internet, and I thought I was as spiritual as I could get. My false sense of strength and silly pride could never let me see how wrong I was and how far from the truth I was, the reality of the healing power of our Holy Mother’s love. There is a line from a song that perfectly describes this as:‘ strength without humility is weakness and untreatable disease ‘ * Bono, U2, Ave Maria
I had to face myself with the fact that I was far from religious, and I was not actively seeking God’s guidance.
I have always felt close to our Virgin Mother and asked for Her help during my multiple health risks. Truth is, I thought of her as unreachable. Maybe that was me, knowing deep down the depths of my imperfections and sins that were keeping me away from her love. You see, She has always been by my side, even when I acted in ways that made her sad, and all this time, She had been waiting for me to come back home. It is true what they say that God works in mysterious ways, but now I recognize that he allowed my sickness to happen, as a blessing in disguise. I genuinely believe that my wandering and wounded heart never knew what selfless love is until I knew the power of her healing love. In my heart, She is my Mother, the one that stays with me until late at night, till she makes sure I feel better, and she is there for me in the morning to wake me up with her love.

You will probably read more posts about my Mother, our Holy Mother, in the future, as I feel the need to express my gratitude to her. Besides, this is one of the rare experiences that make you question your whole life’s approach, so there is a ‘ before/after’ sense in the aftermath.

Thank you, Mother, for taking care of me and your acceptance.

It is very clear to me that I have stayed alive only by your Grace and Jesus’ Christ’s endless Mercy.

I love you and
I know now that I have been loved.

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