“Don’t! this time it is going to be different!”
“You really can’t see it?
The girl you are looking for is not here anymore…
I’m tired. Tired of being the tough one, the funny one,
the one who can love enough for both of us…

” I am going to miss you …”
” How can you miss someone you have never known?”
“Now, you are making this overly dramatic…”
“I’m making sense…
All my life, I was acting as strong, out of fear.
I was scared that anyone might find out,
that I am just like you, that I am human.
Afraid that those were my only good skills.
That if I stopped being useful, I would be alone,
but guess what! This type of mentality led me to where I am today.
Take a look around! I have created my worst fear. They are gone anyway.”

“It’s just a phase, and we are going to get through this…”
“It is a u-turn…
The mask is finally slipping through my hands, and there is nothing I can do about it…and to be honest,
I don’t want to.”

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