Crafting Mrs Aurora – part 2.

Q & A with beta readers (published with reader’s permission)

1.With all the places and locations in the book, are they all real places that you have visited or grown up in ?
Most of the places are fictional, but some real places inspired me, such as Siora Angiolina’s neighborhood.While an actual Inn under her name does not exist, I was mesmerized by the beauty of a precise location on the island of Corfu, where I could picture Angiolina running her Inn, giving orders to her husband. When it comes to Theotokio, where a significant part of the story takes place, it is not an actual spot on the map. Last but not least, the enormous backyard where Big Mama used to collect her fruit and turn into her famous jams, was inspired by an abandoned castle-like house, that belonged to a famous family, which is said to bring tragedies and misfortune to whoever lived in it.

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