Crafting Mrs Aurora

Q&A with beta readers _ RachelD. (published with reader’s permission)

1.How many characters were based on real people in your life?
Mrs. A. was an actual person, and besides my own experiences, I drew a lot of my inspiration from the real-life person, to shape her character. She was a ravishing woman, with a royal and elegant essence surrounding her, who could win and charm anyone she put her mind into, just by entering the room.

Growing up, I was both afraid and looking up to her. She was a real force, and nobody would want to cross and yet very nurturing. Her life split into two parts: before and after a tragic incident. She was a neighbor; my family took care while I was growing up in Corfu, and she was the closest thing I ever experienced to a grandmother figure. The image of her standing beside the window, expecting an absolution, was something I have always carried with me.

Magda is also a real-life inspiration and is meant to describe the dynamics of women’s friendship. Last but not least, my book would not be complete without a real-life anti-hero, Stephanos, Mrs. A., better half.

2.Were there any moments where you wanted to give up, and what advice would you give to an aspiring author? I have been trying to get published for many years. Self- publishing, is a way to have more control as well as freedom on your creativity.

Do not give up – things are not meant to be comfortable or happen within a day, a month, or a year. I can honestly say i do not regret taking my time and making most of the process.

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